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Every mother's nightmare: Doctor makes horrible discovery during ultrasound (page 2)


Kaden is now five years old and like other kids his age he dreams of becoming a superhero. His favorite comic book character is Superman because as Kaden says, "he's strong and can fly." Kelby and Valorie are no longer together, but they keep in touch and both are still doing everything they can for their son.

Since birth, Kaden has suffered over 40 broken bones and has undergone several surgeries. Even though the slightest slip could lead to serious injury, Kaden is fearless and tries his best to live life like any other child his age.

Valorie is now training to become a nurse so she can administer the treatments that Kaden will need his entire life. Both she and Kelby are extremely happy that they decided to take the chance despite the doctors' grim prognosis. Because if they hadn't, they never would have experienced the joy of having a little superhero named Kaden around.


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