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This woman's nose looked like it was rotting off. When we looked closer, we couldn't understand what was happening
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Over 7 million people have seen this video. The mom in the car doesn’t notice that her murderer is ...


He puts a GoPro into a venomous snake pit and the result is TERRIFYING

Some took their frustrations out on a GoPro, knocking it into a snake pit.

Most people wouldn’t consider filming a group of rattlesnakes in their natural habitat – and it’s a good thing, because they seem to get very angry when their privacy is invaded. Some took their frustrations out on a GoPro, knocking it into a snake pit.

Michael Delaney was filming a snake pit, trying to get the camera as close as possible to the hissing ball of rattlers slithering atop one another.

While most of the reptiles seem oblivious to their audience, three of the snakes take a particular dislike to the GoPro, lunging straight at it. On the third lunge, it is knocked straight into the pit.

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