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Unusual human faced baby shocked social media
Social media frenzy after pictures show creature which looks like a cross between a goat and a ...

It’s this easy to care for ingrown toenails at home. No need for an operation!
Anyone who has ever dealt with an ingrown toenail knows how unpleasant and painful they can quickly ...


This man set up a hidden camera to capture the alarm he suffers early every morning

Like clockwork

Early — very early — every morning, this couple gets woken up by their pit bull, Grey, who just doesn't want to wait for playtime and breakfast while her master slumbers. With a night vision camera, they caught Grey's adorable alarm clock routine on video for all to enjoy.

At least she responds to snooze requests!

They still love their canine early-bird and eventually give in, crawl out of bed, and start the day with Grey — it may only be 5:30 a.m. but woof! Rise and shine!

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