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A very strange find

This story is one of the sweetest that we have ever had. A man wanted to try out his green thumb so he bought a shovel, some gloves, and a large bag of mulch. When he opened the bag of mulch,  something unexpected tumbled out: a baby. More specifically, a baby squirrel.

The man named the little orphan ''Zip.'' Barely still alive, the man decided to adopt the little pipsqueak and raise him.


Zip developed wonderfully. After a few weeks, the first signs of fur began to appear.


Two weeks later, the little guy had begun to look much more like a squirrel. But Zip was still very weak and had to  be picked up very carefully.


After three weeks, his tail wasn't quite bushy, but was fully covered in fur. From day to day, the little baby became stronger and more active.


In the fourth  and fifth weeks his eyes began to open. His cuteness is unbeatable.  


At six  weeks, he began  to  cling lovingly to his dad. But he still wasn't strong enough for leisurely strolls on his own feet… errrrr, paws.


In the meantime, Zip has become a fearless adventurer, having experiences far beyond those of your average squirrel.


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