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A mother rocked her tiny newborn, then pulled the blanket aside to show granddad a message on the baby's outfit
The circle of life

Thousands looked the other way while they pumped her full of babies. Until one woman does something unbelievable.
Seven years of torture


The parents believed their son to be dead and buried him. In truth, they had buried him alive.

Buried alive

A  truly incredible  story took place in the Chinese province of Chongqing in early May. A woman  named Yang Jiali was taking  her pet  dog, which she had only just got, for a walk when it suddenly took off and headed straight into the bushes. When she finally  caught up with it,  she found  it desperately trying to dig a hole in the ground.


As  she approached and took a  closer look at what her dog was digging up, she simply could not believe her eyes. A tiny  baby, no older than a month, was lying in the hole. It  was wrapped up in a piece of white cloth. The dog must have somehow sensed it was there.

The newborn baby was crying while the dog tried to free it. It was covered in earth and its mouth was full of mud.  


Yang  immediately took  the helpless bundle out of the earth, cleaned off  the dirt and took it straight to the nearest hospital, where the doctors  had to act quickly to save the life of the young child.


After the  baby boy was brought to the clinic, the doctors examined him and saw that his body temperature was low and his heart rate was slow. His life was no longer in danger but he needed time to regain is health and strength.


The local police and doctors suspected  that the boy had been buried accidentally. They believed his  family most likely mistakenly thought he had died. In any case, it's a miracle the dog traced and discovered him, it's the only reason the boy is still alive today.


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