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These ideas are so great that tomorrow everyone will be digging through the trash looking for cans

For that too? Crazy!

Even if you go out of your way to eat healthy and local or seasonal, it's hard to avoid buying the occasional canned good. Whether crushed  tomatoes, baked beans, or food for our four-legged friends, most homes have a tin can lying around somewhere. But what do you do with the empty ones? The recycling bin certainly gobbles some up, but there are actually lots of other very useful things you can do with them. Here are just a few examples...

Cover cans with pages from an old cookbook or newspaper and they're easily transformed  into retro-style containers.

With a little cotton and a piece of fabric, smaller cans can be transformed into handy pincushions.

The massive tins that you get when you buy in bulk can be turned into snazzy towel storage for the bathroom.


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