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This is what happens when you hook a kid up to a fake lie detector. Funniest thing EVER
This kid is adorable!

Water from his ear trickles into bucket, but then something unexpected gushes out
Everyone has to look away...


An old, dirty pallet can be anything but inviting. But after this, you'll wish you had a stack of them!

Set your imagination loose

Thanks to the ingenuity of DIY enthusiasts, the once simply utilitarian wooden pallet has come a long way from being seen as mere transportation tool for heavy items. Some creative hobbyists let their imaginations go wild when they come upon an unused pallet. Once you've had a look at the following 25 projects, you'll be hankering to have a go at a pallet makeover yourself.








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This didn't happen just one day... it happened for SEVERAL days

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A true miracle

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