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How A Human Face Might Look Like In 100,000 Years
We've come along way looks-wise from our homo sapien ancestors. Between 800,000 and 200,000 years ...

She places pantyhouse on her face, why? So BEAUTIFUL
Begin by placing a fishnet pantyhose or a wig cap over your face.


An old, dirty pallet can be anything but inviting. But after this, you'll wish you had a stack of them!

Set your imagination loose

Thanks to the ingenuity of DIY enthusiasts, the once simply utilitarian wooden pallet has come a long way from being seen as mere transportation tool for heavy items. Some creative hobbyists let their imaginations go wild when they come upon an unused pallet. Once you've had a look at the following 25 projects, you'll be hankering to have a go at a pallet makeover yourself.








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The shocked the cachier when they order this in McDonald's
At first, the cashier couldn’t believe it, but Lance told him he was being “deadly serious”.

This boy was dying of cancer and got his final wish. Moments later, an explosion shook the neighborhood
It went off with a bang!

The nurses can't stop him and it's only when he begins to bleed that he stops wagging his tail
You can only imagine what he's been through

This mother was shocked when she saw her newborn was covered in dark, bloody spots.
A special boy

These people must quit their job suddenly
Some people are good at their job, But some please get rid of this work.

He is playing hide-and-seek with the nanny. 5 minutes later he's plunging to his death.
A tragic story.

Are these parents are idiots?
You do not find it strange that in order to drive a car you need to take the exams in the SAI and ...

If you want nice, healthy teeth, you should be rinsing your mouth with this tea!
Stop using mouthwash!

She found him homeless but what she did AMAZING
This golden dog may not be a lion in real life, but he can still be one at heart.