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Spend eight minutes every day doing these exercises. After 30 days, the result is astonishing.

No time like the present!

Whether your local groundhog predicted an early spring or  six more weeks of winter, it's never too early to start getting back in shape for swimsuit season. This workout for just eight minutes a day can get you super fit in 30 days. Yes, you read that right: eight minutes! These are 12 super simple  exercises that you can easily do at home without any equipment. Do every exercise for 30 seconds each and take a 10-second break after each one. You'll start to see great results in no time!

1. Jumping jacks

The first thing to do is warm up. Jumping jacks are great for this because they activate all your muscles and get your entire circulation going. 30 seconds of this and you'll notice your muscles loosening up. Then you're ready to go.

2.  Step onto a chair

This exercise strengthens your hamstrings and calves and gets your butt in shape. Stand in front of a chair and alternate, placing  each leg onto the seat of the chair and taking a big step up.

3.  Push-ups

The classic workout. Thirty seconds of push-ups will take a lot out of you. Make sure you do a proper up-and-down motion and keep your back straight. Push-ups work out your triceps and chest, as well as your abs and back muscles.

4.  Wall-squats

This is an excellent endurance exercise for the hamstrings. Stand in front of a wall with your back facing the wall and slowly sink down until your hamstrings are at a 90 ° angle to the floor. Now press against the wall using your legs.

5.  Sit-ups

Good old sit-ups. Make sure you don't sit up using your back. Instead, sit up slowly and carefully using your stomach muscles. You should be looking up at the ceiling in the process.

6.  Squats

Another well-known exercise from gym class. Stand with  your feet shoulder-length apart. Keep your back straight and slowly lower your upper body by bending your knees. Keep your weight on your heels in the process. Just pretend  you want to sit down on an imaginary box. A fantastic exercise for legs and stomach muscles.


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