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This simple test will tell you when you'll die. Do you dare try it?

Let's see how you do!

Have you ever wondered how long you'll live? Are you in danger of dying prematurely, or will you live to a ripe old age, surrounded by great-great grandchildren? Well, a  Brazilian team of doctors led by Claudio Gil Araujo has developed a simple test that  gives a good indication of how fit  someone really is. A  study
 has shown  that those who perform poorly on the test have a higher mortality rate than those who complete it easily. Where do you fit on the scale and what could that mean for  your potential longevity?


The premise behind the test is that maintaining a certain level of fitness as one ages is extremely important in order to prolong life. Its actually quite logical: those who stay fit for longer are likely to outlive those who don't.

Ready to give the test  a go and find out if your lifestyle needs an overhaul to save you from an early grave? You only need to sit down and stand up again, and score  points doing so.

Like this:


1. Stand in a relaxed position and make sure that there is no furniture or other objects near you. Cross your legs. You start the exercise with 10 points.

2. From this standing position, sit cross-legged on the floor. In so doing, you may not support yourself with any body part other than your feet and bottom. If you support yourself using your hand, arm, knee or leg, then you will lose one point. The same goes if your support yourself with your hand or elbow on your own knee. If you stumble and lose your balance, but don't support yourself, then you lose half a point.

3. Now you're sitting cross-legged on the floor. Here comes the tricky part: stand up without using any body part other than your legs. Only your feet may now touch the floor. As before, you may not use any body part other than your feet and bottom.  Lose one point if you support yourself using any other body part.  


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