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After seeing these 15 pics of women posing, my sides hurts from laughing. This guy is a genius!

Wanna meet for a drink?

You know Tinder, the dating (and hook-up) app? You look at pictures of other users and if you're interested in someone you ''swipe right.'' If they swiped right for you too, then the app connects you. So the photograph people choose as their main picture is pretty decisive.

This is where an Australian named Jarrod comes in: he made it his hobby to recreate particularly odd profile pictures of women on Tinder.

Seeing him in some of these poses is not only hilarious, it also highlights some of the absurdities of the whole online dating trend. The ladies can come across as sweet, fun, and sometimes sexy — with the occasional going straight into the ''unusual taste'' category. Big, burly, bearded Jarrod trying to be cute, on the other hand: comedic gold.

Decide for yourself whether some of these photos were a good idea…

1. Ooh! A wrinkle!



2. Something's sticking out from under his mini-dress…


3. Oh, Jarrod! Off the shoulder is such a good look for you.


4.  Well,  some people find that hot...  


5.  Frida Kahlo meets scary clown... Jarrod, I just feel like your heart isn't quite in this one. Or maybe it's the beard.


6.  So  many questions. Dating while pregnant...? And Jarrod, tiger stripes — really?  


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