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In the middle of her pregnancy, she realized that the baby wasn't hers

They couldn't believe their eyes!

Sometimes even a medical  miracle can become a medical  nightmare. Take  artificial insemination, for example. It has enabled so many would-be parents  to have children and brought untold happiness into the world in the form of wanted babies.

Sean and Carolyn Savage were two such  parents but their experience showed that the one in a million chance of disaster does  actually happen — and it happened to this one family in particular. But incredibly, they managed to turn this difficult situation  into something extraordinary... and beautiful.

The Savages  had two children but had both always wanted a large family. They weren't able to have a third child together without the help of artificial insemination.  

Youtube/ Sher Fertility Institute

After a difficult ten years of trying  and undergoing  tests, finally their last effort was successful and Carolyn fell  pregnant. They were overjoyed  to welcome their third child into the family.  

Youtube/ Sher Fertility Institute

Now that they understood the process, they decided to try again: this time though, they would have one of the previous embryos implanted. And... it worked! They would have a fourth child!

But soon, the doctors figured out that a terrible mix-up had occurred. They had impregnated Carolyn with someone else's embryo. She was carrying the child of two strangers.

Youtube/ Sher Fertility Institute

The truth struck them like a sledgehammer and both were shattered. Had it all been in vain? They simply refused to accept that. So the two made an  extraordinary decision: Carolyn wanted  to carry  the baby and deliver it. She knew that the probability of becoming pregnant again would be much lower  afterward. They both also knew that so many expectations had been placed on the baby by the unknown couple. But that simply made the decision all the more  easier for them: ''We see it as a gift being able to help another family. No one knows more than us how hard this way is. But we want to follow it together.'' What strong words!


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