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An old married couple had the same picture taken every year. Nothing could prepare me for the last photo.
I somehow wish I had never seen that. But, wow.

Mom pours salt into the sand. The creature that comes out? Disgusting!
Most of us go to the beach to enjoy a relaxing day, to do things like make sandcastles, swim, play ...


One boy went hunting Pok ©mon. Three hours later, his parents couldn't believe what he was bringing home.

Pikachu would be proud

Has it ever happened to you that you started out playing a game and ended up living a real adventure? Well, the boy in this story did.

Last summer, temperatures in Portalegre, Portugal, reached nearly 110 ºF and the very idea of being in a place without air conditioning was enough to melt your brain. But that didn't stop Joel Almeida from going out to play Pok ©mon Go. What he didn't expected was that, instead of finding a Pok ©mon, he would end up finding something much more... real.

As he walked the streets in search of the next Pikachu in the scorching sun, he heard a noise that he couldn't identify. It looked like a bird, but that was impossible in such  heat. He listened more closely and realized that it was a cry. Someone, or something, was calling for help. Realizing that the noise came from behind a power pole, he went to take a look. What he saw then made his blood run cold.


Trapped in a tiny hole was a kitten — its head was stuck in the electricity pole. The question was  obvious: how had it managed to get in there? It looked like it had been trapped for a long time.

But Joel knew one thing for sure: one way or another he wasn't going to let the kitten stay there, condemned to certain death in the blazing heat. So, without a second thought, he called the fire department. After several hours of hard work trying to rescue the kitten in every possible way, and with the help of the police, they finally managed to free it from captivity.


By now Joel had grown fond of the little animal, so he decided to take it home to nurse it back to health. With the help of his parents, they washed the kitten and dressed its wounds. They also gave it flea medicine. The poor animal wasn't exactly beautiful (in fact, it looked a bit like a rat), and it wouldn't let anyone approach it. But Joel didn't give up. He decided to keep the kitten.


After a while, "Spock," as they  called him, became used to the presence of the other pets in the house and began to feel like one of the family. Even so, it was still a little shy with anyone who tried to touch it.

But within four months, everything had changed…


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