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Her son was caught bullying. The way this mom handled it generated quite the controversy.
Cracking the whip

This French bulldog doesn't want to go to bed. His argument is great
I'm lost for words


These 23 pictures are my absolute nightmare. Cameras show the unluckiest people of the year.

Misery loves company...

Bad day? No problem! When you see these 23 ''walking disasters,'' your bad mood will seem completely unfounded. Because it can always get worse. Much, much worse.

1. I guess no breakfast today.


2. These amusement park visitors surely had something else in mind when they showed up.


3. Sometimes people are just blockheads.


4. This is what happens when you let your friend borrow your car.


5. At least her jacket matches the paint color!


6. Hopefully this unfortunate soul brought something to read  â€” this could take awhile.


7. This unlucky person should take his bike instead.


8. Now THAT is a prickly situation.


9. Any form of help for this passenger is too late.


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