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So many people use these little blue Nivea cream cans without knowing their effects. And they're so good!
Truly helpful

Handwritten note by a little girl hands, mom burst laughing when she read
If you’ve been a parent before, you know how much work it takes to raise a child.


They were married for over 60 years. But what happened at the end is indescribable.

Until death do us part

Floreen and Ed Hale from New York are a shining example of eternal love. The couple first met  at a dance in 1952, and experienced love at first sight. Ed knew immediately that Floreen was the only one for him.  


It was Floreen's first night out since being injured in a car crash; a crash that killed her first husband. When Ed asked for her hand in marriage shortly after meeting her, Floreen's parents were worried about their daughter's fragility. Ed reportedly told them, "I don't care...I'll carry her until I die."  


And carry her he did. For the next 60 years, Floreen and Ed were happy and inseparable.  


In 2014, at the age of 83, Ed was hospitalized for a leg injury which, within days, grew worse. His kidneys were beginning to give out so doctors moved him to another hospital an hour away where he was expected to die. Ed woke up early one morning and though quite weak, expressed his need to see Floreen.  


What Ed did not know was that Floreen had been hospitalized days after him for congestive heart failure. Even though Ed was initially considered too weak for a move, arrangements were finally made for him to be transported to his wife's side in a hospice room located in their home town.  


Ed, every 30 minutes or so, would roll over, tap Floreen, and say, "You still there?"


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