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These 20 people forgot to check behind them before posting a photo. No. 19 is a disaster.

Total fails!

In the age of digital photography, snapping, uploading and sharing is just a little too easy sometimes. Don't you wish there were an "Are you sure?" button for posting and not just  for deleting posts? These 20 unfortunate people surely do! On the other hand, you have to wonder how they could have missed seeing what was behind them...

1. I'm not sure  he was ready for the picture to be taken. More warning next time, please!


2.  Let's hope she's not thinking about going wading afterwards!


3. Something tells me this picture was taken this way on purpose. The why is what I'm struggling with.

Facebook/Selfie Fails

4.  Oh  my! And she looks so innocent otherwise...


5.  Asking for privacy in the bathroom is always a good idea.


6.  Then again, if even you don't know when not to snap a picture of yourself, we can't help you.


7.  On the plus side, you can always count on your good friends to notice when something isn't quite Facebook appropriate.



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