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This woman is tired every day, regardless of how much she sleeps. The reason is in her throat.

Barely anyone knows about it

The thyroid is  found in the front of the throat and is shaped like a butterfly. Although it is a very small organ, the influence it has on the rest of the body is enormous. People who have a hyperactive thyroid
produce an overabundance of thyroid  hormone and those with a  hypoactive thyroid
produce too little. The resulting symptoms can be serious.


1. Feeling sad or depressed  

One problem caused by thyroid dysfunction is emotional imbalance. Too few thyroid hormones can result in usually strong feelings of sadness or even prolonged depression.  


2.  Digestive problems

Hypothyroidism can lead to  indigestion and  constipation whereas hyperthyroidism can trigger diarrhea, nausea and vomiting. Although there could be numerous causes for digestive problems, a combination of these symptoms with others on this list should prompt one to at least rule out an over- or underactive  thyroid.  


3. Too much sleep  

Sure, getting up in the morning is difficult for all of us. But if this is the case every day and no matter how much sleep you get, you still feel too exhausted to face the day, you should probably see your doctor. When your thyroid produces too few hormones, you'll feel permanently tired.  


4. Hair loss and dry skin  

Hypothyroidism often leads to dry and itchy skin. The change in the skin structure is the result of a slow metabolism, which also reduces sweating. Hair and nails also become dry and break easily. Hair can also fall out.  


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