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Painted porcelain sculpture by Anya Stasenko and Slava Leontiev
Artists Anya Stasenko and Slava Leontyev work together to create little sculptures of whimsical ...

A customers returns a box of cupcakes, but watch what’s inside the box
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They photographed this home birth. The pictures are the most beautiful of a birth I have ever seen.

She wanted it to have it just like this. The result is unbelievable.

Nowadays, more and more  women are opting  for a home birth over the sterile atmosphere of a hospital. Erin Loechner was determined to have her first birth at home, no matter what. A camera accompanied her and captured every moment.

Right on time! It's the due date and Erin's contractions began at eight in the morning. She began  to feel nervous excitement and joy.


Because it was her first child, Erin didn't completely know what to expect. As she began to experience the reality of childbirth, the overwhelming anticipation was slightly tinged with feelings of doubt.



Luckily, there was always someone at her side to give her strength: her husband Ken was her rock in the storm.


He made sure  that Erin had everything she needed. Ken set up an oasis of comfort in the living room where Erin could simply lie  down.


But Erin wasn't able to sit still for long in  any location or position.  Moving her body was  the only thing that distracted her from the pain.


Whenever a contraction occurred, Erin doubled over in pain. Ken did his utmost to try and be a comfort to her.


Her husband reminded her softly to concentrate on her breathing. His  caring demeanor was of great help to Erin.


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