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With the last of her strength, this dog dragged herself out of a burning house. In her mouth was a tiny bundle.

Rescued from the flames

There's probably nothing stronger in the world than a mother's love for her children. It's as true for animals as it is for humans.

In the Chilean city of Temuco, firemen were witness to this force  of nature recently when a mother dog faced losing her puppies to a fire the men were fighting. These pictures are  just so moving.

It all started with a ferocious house fire.

Flickr/Marc Gallant

As  flames shot up toward the sky, it was instantly clear to the firemen that they would need backup.

After some time, with enough men, they got the fire under control and were able to rescue the inhabitants, who got out without serious injury. The firemen were returning to their truck when, to their astonishment, they encountered someone else.  

Youtube/Bob Luck

A dog was making her way slowly toward the fire truck. She was carrying a little bundle of fur — it was one of her pups! Her coat  was singed but the puppy seemed all right.

Youtube/Bob Luck

After she placed the puppy carefully down on the truck's step, she turned around and went straight back into the smoking  remains of the house. A few moments later, she came out with another tiny bundle.

Youtube/Bob Luck

She repeated this process again and again, apparently having decided that this was a safe place for her babies. Rightly so!  

Then when five little ones  were snuggled on  a corner of the step, she curled  herself around them and, looking deeply exhausted, lay down to rest. The firefighters could hardly believe it, standing there with hardly a dry eye among them as they watched this take place.


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