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They ask you to check between your toes
He begs his friends to check between their toes. The reason saved his life and it Can save yours ...

She get in to the store with baby, but there was something wrong, instantly clerk understand it
Simply wonderful story. Makes you feel that not all of humanity is against each other.


When her husband dies she grabs herself a homeless man. If you think she's crazy you're dead wrong!

At his end...

Michael Faling from Spokane, the father of a then 12-year-old son, was  just trying to be a good father. But when he lost his job and his apartment, it all went downhill.

Michael and his son, Cory, stood before their demise. They were  completely desperate and clueless. No relatives or acquaintances could take in the two, not even the local homeless shelter had space for them.

Facebook/Mike Faling

Both were forced to live in the forest for a few months. The caring father was  completely desperate —  how was  he supposed to send his son to school without anything to eat?

Facebook/Mike Faling

They managed to barely survive. They ended up in separate homeless shelters and Cory had to learn to  fight to be able to survive on his own. His father Michael knew that something had to  change quickly.


"My son thought that no one liked us," said Michael, since no one offered to  take in the two.

Facebook/Mike Faling

He learned about an organization that helps homeless people like him to find apartments. Yet, as often the case, many of these apartments were so rare that there were always very long waiting lists.

Michael gave  up hope that their situation would improve —  but then a small miracle happened: a woman contacted him. Her name was Mel Wood and she owned a small business.

Facebook/Mel Kathyrun Redington Wood

Six years prior  she had lost her husband —  he had died from heart disease and since then she had  lived alone with her children and their dog, Moses.


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