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12 ways to use lip balm that you've definitely never thought of. No. 3 is my favorite.

Not just for your lips

If you take a peak inside many medicine cabinets, you'll find a huge selection of little plastic tubes in all sorts of colors and flavors. Some are quite plain, some are shiny, and some have a pleasant odor, but there is one thing they all have in common: they're all types of lip balm. It's the kind of thing you see in the checkout line in the supermarket or the drug store and find yourself saying, "Yeah, I might need some of that. Why not?" and then you grab one or two and next thing you know you have an entire arsenal of lip balm tubes to choose from. But how can anyone get through that much lip balm? Well, here are 12 alternative uses for this handy product that will help you around the house and free up some space on your medicine cabinet shelf.

1. Small blisters

Those new shoes felt good in the store but now that you've had them on for a few hours they're starting to feel a bit tight and before you know it you have blisters on your feet. To prevent this, or relieve the discomfort once the blisters appear, you can apply some lip balm to all the places where the shoes are rubbing. Your feet will thank you!

2. Stuck rings

If you can't remove a ring from your finger, take a deep breath before reaching for a saw. The better option is to rub some lip balm on the parts of the finger above and below the ring and then push it, pull it and spin it until it comes off. Works every time!

3. Dry nose

You just got over a nasty cold but now you have to deal with some other problems. After all that nose-blowing and tissue-rubbing, the skin around your nostrils can get dry and chapped. When this happens you can apply some lip balm which has a better protective effect than most skin creams. In fact, you can use lip balm on any skin that is dried out, e.g. elbows, cuticles, feet etc.

4. Seal cuts

You can seal small cuts and wounds with lip balm. It's not a substitute for a bandage, but it will help to keep the cut clean. You can also use it on your lips when they are dry and cracked.

5. Shoe care

If you don't have any shoe polish at home, you can use lip balm to achieve the same effect. It can soften the leather and make it look shiny and new. But if you do use it on your shoes, you probably shouldn't use the same tube for your lips!


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