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The 2 girls shared their pics on FB until they were killed. This post is heartbreaking.
Some stories are hard to write and this is one of them.

Her weight dropped and dropped, but her husband never left her side
Her husband supports her as her weight drops to 40 pounds, but wait until you see her now.


This neglected baby's skin peeled away when his shoes were taken off. The couple simply had no choice what to do next.

An incredible story

Future prospects are usually bleak for the children of homeless families. Their parents may not be able to show them what a "normal" life looks like, with a home, a job, hobbies, and friends. For these two homeless children from Pasco County, Florida, life started out pretty hopeless too. They lived with their drug-addicted parents in a little tent in the woods behind a church.  

YouTube/ FOX 13 News - Tampa Bay

Pasco County also happened to be the home of Kirsten and Ronnie Stewart and their three children. In fact, Ronnie was the pastor of the church, where Kirsten also worked. One day leaving work they found two shockingly unkempt, tiny boys sitting between bags of garbage — one was two years old, the other only seven months. They were wearing nothing  but diapers. Kirsten and Ronnie realized they were the children of a couple who often came to the church's soup kitchen  for free meals.  

YouTube/ FOX 13 News - Tampa Bay

Kirsten recalled the boys' condition when they found them: "They were covered in bug bites, head to toe. They were so filthy, that we actually had to bathe, and drain, and bathe again, two different times. The toddler who did have shoes on didn't have any socks on. When we took his shoes off, the little skin on the top of his feet actually came off."  

The sympathetic  couple couldn't just watch from the sidelines while these little boys languished  without any adult attention. They felt obliged to help them. Ronnie looked for the parents and asked if he could take the children home with him for a night, simply offering warm shelter and a good meal. The two boys' parents agreed immediately.

YouTube/ FOX 13 News - Tampa Bay

Ronnie and Kirsten brought the boys back to their parents the next morning, as they had arranged. On the following day when they were leaving church again, the boys' parents unexpectedly approached them. They were with a  social worker who'd been made aware of the neglect and wanted to take the kids away from them, though to protect the children's privacy, the Stewarts haven't  revealed all the details of the case.  


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