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179-year-old man who simply refuses to die reveals his psychological trick
''Death simply forgot me''

The five-year-old boy stared wide-eyed at the naked woman and blurted out something priceless
Where do they come up with these things?


A couple finds a hidden lunchbox from 1951 behind a wall in their house. What's inside it nearly blows their mind!

Riches materialized — dusty and unexpected

An American family has already been living in its  1940s-era house for some years. Bit by bit they have refurbished every room. Now it's time for the basement. It  starts out as tedious work that no one is  looking forward to. But it ends up being  the kind of adventure  that  everyone secretly dreams about.

To start the renovations, the basement ceiling needs to be completely removed. Lurking  behind it is a  thick layer of dust, which has accumulated over decades.  


But what's this? Hidden between ceiling beams  they see  a grey-green lunchbox.


A very thick layer of grime suggests  that the tin has been here for quite some time. A moldy shoelace holds it together. What is concealed inside it? Jewelry, stocks, or just some old toys?


The suspense increases  immeasurably as they open it. They gently pull on the shoelace.


The tin contains several packages wrapped in wax paper, wildly stirring up the family's imagination.  


Underneath the bundles  is a deeply yellowed newspaper: it's from March 25, 1951. The secret treasure must have  been lying here, hidden  and untouched, since then.



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