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The way this woman braids her hair looks ridiculous. But when she turns her head, everyone gasps.

Braid in front and flip it over

Every woman dreams of having long, beautiful, shiny hair. Once it's reached a certain length, the potential for playing around with new styles is endless. Of course, sometimes life gets in the way and lack of time or hair-styling talent may hold you back. You're the only one who can figure out your time management, but here's a trick if you aren't the most talented hair stylist out there.

To begin, part your hair down the middle all the way down the back of your head and pull your hair in front of your shoulders. Grab a large section of hair from either side of your head.

Facebook/MetDaan Creative

Then grab a third section of a similar size so you can begin to braid. The trick with this braid, however, is to add more hair into the section with each crossover. But it's important to note that these new sections of hair shouldn't be crossed over the braid like they would in a French braid, but under. This technique will result in a so-called Dutch braid or inside out braid.

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Take your time while braiding and try doing it in front of a mirror so you don't get your fingers tangled.

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Once all your hair is braided, fasten the bottom with a hair tie.

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Now, carefully lift the braid in front of your face and over your head. The braid will be flipped again and rest in a luscious, loose look.

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