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Like most children, Karen McGregor's little boy Liam loves playing outside when the weather is warm. But during the summer of 2015, the young mother discovered some red spots on her son's skin.  

The rashes were like nothing she had seen before, so she took some photos and sent them in to her family doctor. Luckily, the doctor knew immediately what he was dealing with.  

Flickr/Chris Booth

Liam was diagnosed with Lyme disease. The doctor prescribed antibiotics and sent the little boy to a neighboring clinic where a second team of doctors confirmed the diagnosis. Liam's rashes were in the shape of a bull's-eye: an early warning sign that develops in 80 percent of all cases.  


''I am so grateful that we saw it in time,'' Karen said. In a post on social media, the mother encouraged people to go to the doctor immediately upon seeing such rashes, in order to ensure the best possible treatment.  

Lyme disease is caused by bacteria transmitted through the bite of an infected deer tick. If not caught early, the disease is an insidious one, sometimes resulting in paralysis, arthritis, and neurological problems. Often people go undiagnosed for years, making it difficult for doctors to identify the disease later.


Children are especially vulnerable to tick-borne diseases: they play in leaves, roll on grass, cuddle with pets, increasing their exposure to ticks.

Flickr/Thomas Kohler

Karen posted these photos with the hope of inspiring other parents to be more aware. If not caught early, the effects of Lyme disease can be incredibly severe.  

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