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Looks like a photo of a woman in a bikini, but take another look
If you come across Matt Story's work, you may think he's a photographer, because most of his art ...

A child is playing with a very strange friend. When I realized what it was, my jaw dropped


The 19-year-old girl posted some bikini photos. But what's growing between her belly button and her thighs is turning heads.

Angel kisses

When  Ciera Swaringen's parents, both from North Carolina, held their daughter in their arms for the first time, they got a huge shock: the baby was covered in dark  spots.

Youtube/AMEZ News

Youtube/AMEZ News

Ciera was diagnosed with congenital melanocytic nevus. Because of this skin condition — that only affects around one in 500,000 —  her entire body is covered with large liver spots and birthmarks. The largest one covers the entire area between her thighs and her belly button. The doctors say that these marks on her skin are not dangerous, but that they are too numerous  to remove. ''They are constantly growing and I always get new ones,'' said Ciera.

Youtube/AMEZ News

Her parents have lovingly named the spots ''angel kisses.'' But out in public, people often stare at Ciera, or even bully her. ''I remember how a boy laughed at me in the school bus and called me a ‘dalmatian,''' she recounted. ''That really gnawed at my self-confidence. I was so young and I always felt so different from the other children, as if something was wrong with me.''

Youtube/AMEZ News

Other kids would hurl insults such as, ''You look dirty, take a shower!''  But once Ciera got a bit older, she refused to let horrible remarks bring her down.  

''I learned over time that people stare and say terrible things because they aren't used to what I look like,'' Ciera said. ''I am so proud to be different! We all have something weird about us, whether it's inside or outside.''


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