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With these six easy tricks you won't have to shave as often. I'll definitely remember them!


For anyone who finds waxing or epilating too painful, the only option left is shaving. But shaving every other day can get pretty tiresome after a while. What most men and women don't know  is that  there are a few tricks to  help maximize the results of your next shave. Your skin will stay smoother a while longer and the time you save on shaving can be used for other things.

Flickr/ Justin Taylor

1. Soak the razor in hot water before shaving  

Heating the razor blade in hot water will help it to glide more easily over  the skin and that results in  a more effective shave. This also causes the hairs to shrink when they are cut which leads to them growing back more slowly.

2. Use shaving oil instead of shaving cream

Shaving cream may feel nice on your skin, but shaving oil is actually much more effective. When you use shaving oil, the razor glides directly over the skin which means that the hairs are cut off at a deeper point. The advantage of this is that you don't have to shave as often. Shaving cream, on the other hand, actually creates a small "barrier" between the skin and the razor blade.


3. Shave in the opposite direction that the hair grows

This is the real golden rule when it comes to shaving: always shave against the direction of hair growth! This cuts the hair much closer to the root and leaves the skin feeling smoother. The effects of your shave will also last much longer.

4. Change razor blades regularly  

A very important factor when shaving is of course the sharpness of the blade. Many people forget to change the razor blade at regular intervals and then wonder why their skin isn't smooth after shaving. Every time you use a razor blade it gets a bit duller. The only way to cut all the hair optimally is to use a sharp blade.


5. Peeling before shaving

Another way to make your shave more effective is to perform a skin peeling before shaving. This removes dry and dead skin that can prevent your razor from gliding smoothly and reaching every hair as deeply as possible. Peeling can even make it possible to get at any pesky ingrown hairs.

6. Take a hot shower before shaving

It sounds pretty obvious but it's actually really important. Before shaving you should take a hot shower or at least wipe the skin with a warm, wet cloth. This opens the pores and softens the hair which can prevent annoying razor burn. It also lets the razor get closer to the skin for a deeper cut and a smoother shave.


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