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The camera filmed the lion devouring the panicking man. The audience could only watch
Right before their eyes!

Her fingernails meant the world to her, until this happened
30 years she grew them and they were gone in an instant


No, that's not a bag of trash. You'll be moved to tears when you discover what this dog is carrying.

Always thinking of others

Lilica the dog lived in a junkyard in Brazil. The woman who adopted her, the owner of the junkyard, always wondered where Lilica went every evening.

Rom £o Antonio Martini Martins

Eventually she found out. Every evening, Lilica walked over a mile along the highway.

Rom £o Antonio Martini Martins

She had an appointment with Professor Lucia Helena de Souza.

Rom £o Antonio Martini Martins

The two met every night at 9 o'clock for years.

Rom £o Antonio Martini Martins

The professor became very fond of Lilica and began to give her food. The dog never ate everything by herself, but rather always took something back to the junkyard.

Rom £o Antonio Martini Martins

The professor began to cook more for the sweet dog, so that she had more to take with her.

Rom £o Antonio Martini Martins

Lilica seemed to have adopted several animals around the junkyard, as if they were part of her family.

Rom £o Antonio Martini Martins


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