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A family hid in this attic 70 years ago and students just found something unbelievable

70 years in hiding

When a group of Norwegian students recently moved into a  new apartment, their landlord mentioned something about a secret passageway in the building, but he didn't mention where it was.

Obviously, the students were terribly curious. Once they'd thoroughly searched through the lower floor of the house, they noticed a door in the ceiling of the second floor. They guessed that was where the secret hiding place must be. When they opened the door, a ladder dropped down before them. All they could see at first was pitch darkness.


It appeared to just be a typical attic: dark, a bit unorganized, and covered in dust. The cables and ventilation were visible below the roof beams.


But on the far side of the attic, the students noticed something a bit strange: A set of wooden boards looked sightly different from the rest of the attic walls.


When one of the students gently pressed her feet against the wood, it caved in. The entrance to the secret room was now open.


They guessed that this space dates back to the time of WWII when people might have needed to hide from invaders. Even 70 years later, the room remains in its original condition. It is likely to have been used by an entire family. The sign reads, "No entry  if you have a corrupt stomach," in Norwegian.


An alarm light alerted those in hiding when someone entered the house. What a startling discovery.


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