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She picked up a toilet from the dump and installed it in her bathroom. The other things she found there made her dreams come true

With her own hands

Lulu is a single mother who grew up in Argentina, but now resides in the US. Her days were full as she was both studying and working nearly full-time to support her small  family.  Her young daughter always seemed to be getting the short end of the stick. Lulu decided she had had enough of this lifestyle knew something had to change, but she was struggling to find a solution between her long days at work, toiling to pay high rent costs.

flickr/Nicol ¡s Boullosa

Lulu was not one to give up easily; she got her hands on a shipping container and got to work. She envisioned living out in the country with her daughter. The best part? No more outrageous rent. She began with a blank slate, little construction knowledge, and only a handful of funds, but managed to put together a small, but gorgeous space for her and her daughter to call home.

flickr/Nicol ¡s Boullosa

The majority of the materials, including flooring, shelving, and even the toilet, were collected from dumps and recycling centers. That's why Lulu's house looks slightly thrown together, but all the more charming! It only took her four weeks to finish constructing her new living space.

flickr/Nicol ¡s Boullosa

In total, the single mom invested around $4,000 in her new home. Of course, almost everything she has is used, but that doesn't bother Lulu one bit. "If you don't have the money, you have to get creative," she said.

flickr/Nicol ¡s Boullosa

The house includes a functioning toilet and a kitchen with a camping stove. And she later added a second semitrailer that houses cozy sleeping quarters. Her daughter sleeps in a comfortable loft above Lulu's own bed.


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