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This woman lies down on the doctor's exam table. She is unrecognizable when she gets up!
A fairy tale

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This dog was shaking in fear until a black cat neared his cage. Slowly, the disturbed animal started to calm down.

Furry angel

Anyone who's ever been sick knows how important it is to have loving company nearby when you're feeling under the weather. You don't have to be a nurse or doctor to offer meaningful care; you don't even need to be human!

The crew at the veterinary hospital "Clinic Fang" in Perm, Russia, knows this. They have one very special team member: Lucifer, a cat as black as night.


Lucifer knows very well how terrifying it can be to arrive injured and helpless at the hospital. He arrived at the clinic with a serious spinal injury and his back legs haven't worked since.


But Lucifer, or "Luc" as the clinic lovingly calls him, doesn't let his disability hold him back. As soon as he recovered, Luc began visiting the animals in nearby cages.


He would sit by their side, purring. Nearly every animal appeared to really enjoy Luc's company. As soon as the black cat scooted up, the animals got noticeably quieter and more relaxed.


But Luc doesn't just offer emotional comfort, he's also saved lives! When the vets discovered that he was a suitable blood donor for several emergency operations, Luc gave some of his own blood and rescued other cats. Of course, the team was extra careful not to cause him any harm.


The crew at Clinic Fang can't imagine their work without Luc's help. He's not only the darling of the whole place, but he's been made an unofficial caretaker at the clinic.


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