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You leave a used teabag hanging under your rear-view mirror. Why? This is amazing.

A wonderful scent in a matter of minutes

Probably everyone knows and likes that new car smell. Sadly this scent doesn't stick around for as long as one might hope. The smell of food, spilled drinks or maybe even a wet dog can make cars stink. That's why many car owners try to use all kinds of expensive air fresheners to keep their cars smelling nice. But here's a particularly inexpensive way to transform your car into an aromatic oasis.  

Flickr/State Farm

Often, stuffy smells are created or amplified by high humidity. Without humidity there are no stuffy smells. So, this is the issue that you have to deal with. But what smells pleasant and is also made to absorb moisture? The answer can be found in a common household item: the teabag. And the best part about teabags is that you can find them in all kinds of flavors.

Flickr/Toshiyuki IMAI

In order to impart a pleasant tea scent in your car, you need very little: In order for the teabag to absorb moisture, you should thoroughly clean your car first. Little crumbs that your passengers love to drop under the seat must be removed.

Imgur/Oliver Fist

And now all that's missing is the bag: Select a kind of tea that you personally like, such as black tea with vanilla or caramel.  

Flickr/Toshiyuki IMAI

You can simply hang the teabag from your rear-view mirror where you would normally have your air freshener.

Tip: You can also use used teabags. However, make sure that they have thoroughly dried in order to achieve the desired effect.

Wikimedia Commons/P ¥l Berge

Now the tea will absorb the unpleasant odors and diffuse a pleasant aroma. It is especially important to replace the bag from time to time. Depending on the flavor and the desired intensity, you can always choose a new type of tea. The best part about this way of freshening the air is that you don't add any toxic fumes into your car.


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