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When the builders look through the window on the ninth floor, it stabs them right through the heart

Just one look out the window...

Vivian Keith of St. Louis was only two years old when doctors gave her a terrifying diagnosis; the little girl with the golden curls was suffering from leukemia. Her life became  a series of hospital visits and excruciating chemotherapy treatments. But, by a stroke of good luck, there was something that always seemed to cheer little Vivian up.

Youtube/USA Today

Directly across from the hospital was a massive construction site, where  together with a team of  others, Travis Barnes and Greg Combs worked on the steel scaffolding. Vivian was practically glued to her window on the ninth  floor to observe all the happenings, happily distracting her from otherwise  dreary and painful days. "Every morning she woke up and went to the window to wave," remembered Vivian's mother Ginger Keith. "And we had to wave until someone waved back!"

Youtube/USA Today

Youtube/USA Toda

The waving  game  became their daily ritual. One morning, the two-year-old was having a particularly bad day. Despite how ill she was feeling, Vivian insisted on  going to the window to wave to the men. But instead of waving back, Travis and Greg pointed to one of the steel beams where they had written "Get well soon!" in big  letters.

Youtube/USA Today

Youtube/USA Today

But, that wasn't all: after waving to Vivian  for months, Travis and Greg personally came to visit her  in the hospital to meet their biggest fan. They also got a  hug from her  parents, who were truly touched by the kind gesture. "I thought about my own kids and how valuable life is," Travis Barnes said with tears in his  eyes. "It makes me happy that something so simple like that could make someone's day better!"  


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