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Bet you can't find the hidden smart phone in this photo! It's harder than you think!
Where is it?

Woman gets angry at her coworker stealing her creamer. What she does for revenge? Genius!
That should teach them!


For a long time, nobody knew what the Hollywood star secretly got up to. But after his death, it slowly came out.

Unbelievably generous

Kyle Upham served  many years as a soldier in the Army and in 2004 he was set for deployment in Iraq. Before he left, he and his then  fianc ©e  got married. When he returned a few months later, he wanted to belatedly buy an engagement ring for his bride, Kristen. So the couple  went to a high-end store in Santa Barbara to try and find the right one.

Facebook | Kristen Upham

The  ring  they found  was radiantly beautiful and was simply  made ​​for Kristen. There was only one problem: it cost  around $9,000. That was  money the Uphams simply didn't have at that point in time.

Feeling disappointed, they left their telephone number behind just in case a less expensive  ring in the same product range came along. After  that,  Kyle and Kristen left the shop feeling pretty discouraged.


But they didn't get very  far when  all of a  sudden their phone rang. It was none other than the  jewelry  store, asking the two to immediately return to the shop. A  saleswoman was already there waiting at the door with a bag in her hand. Smiling, she said: "Here's your ring," and then went  back inside. When  Kyle and Kristen looked in the bag, they were speechless. In it was the exact same ring they had picked out, with a note saying  that an unknown benefactor had paid for everything.

The two could not  believe it. They were overjoyed and grateful, even if they were still not sure  who had bought this wonderful present for them. In fact, it  was  some nine years later that the truth came out. Nine  years  of  happy marriage, throughout which  they had always wondered who was actually  behind  this gift.

In  2013, the famous actor Paul  Walker, best known for his role in the film, "The  Fast and the Furious," tragically lost his life. Following his death, a series  of stories of his generosity started to appear on the actor's  Facebook page. It was then that a salesperson from the jewelry store  came forward to tell the story of  Walker's immense generosity when he  was in the  shop and saw  the Uphams there. After they had left the store, he paid for the ring and asked the staff to anonymously  give them his gift.


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