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The snorkeler took a selfie at the water's surface. When he saw what was behind him in the photo, he gasped.

What a snapshot!

Will Rosner, a 24-year-old Australian, had been travelling around the world for the past few months. What happened to him when he was in Tonga in the South Pacific eclipsed everything he had experienced up to that point. While on a snorkelling excursion, he came across an entire school of humpback whales! During a brief pause on the surface of the water, he captured this one-of-a-kind  selfie.  

Instagram/Will Rosner

Up to 15 meters long and weighing 30 tons, despite their majestic appearance, these ocean giants are exceedingly friendly, gentle, and curious animals. Will  ended up interacting with the whales for several hours, including a calf and its mother. The whales' fins alone were twice as tall as he is.

Instagram/Will Rosner

"I never imagined just how curious a whale  could be," Will enthused on his Instagram page. "This  humpback  swam with us, playing, diving, singing, dancing and splashing water on us for 30 mins. It stared me straight in the eye before it felt me with its tail and lifted me out of the water."

Instagram/Will Rosner

This close encounter with marine mammals will no doubt be a memory  this young man will carry with him into old age. What breathtaking images!

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