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The doctors don't give the baby a chance. But 26 years later, she stirs things up with these photos!

Now she is showing the world

The tiny baby was covered from head to toe in  large brown moles. Since birth, Yulianna has suffered from congenital melanocytic nevus - discolored and hairy skin abnormalities. The medical professionals had never before seen such an extreme case.  They told the girl's family that she would probably  only survive a few hours. But Yulianna is now  26 years old, and a fun-loving young woman!

Facebook/Yulianna Yussef

Due to the many, large pigmentation patches (especially  on her  stomach  and back), her childhood was dominated by  people  gazing at her and other kids teasing her: "I was either called Dalmatian,  cow or giraffe  at school," the daughter of a Ukrainian mom and Lebanese dad reminds herself. "But I was always optimistic and learned to think nothing of it."  Yulianna confidently makes her way through life - posing in  social media without fear and celebrating  her differences. About 16,000 people alone follow  her on  Instagram.

Facebook/Yulianna Yussef

"I try to show others with congenital melanocytic nevus that they can lead normal lives without having to shun away from others," says the 26-year-old who now lives in Warsaw. "I was born different, you too were born different, we were all born different. But I am a happy person, I have friends, a family who supports me, a great job...I am just like anyone else!"

Facebook/Yulianna Yussef

Yulianna has already succeeded in her mission: "It's unfathomable how beautiful you are and very inspirational," is one of the comments under one of her photos. "My five-month-old daughter was born with a large mole and is getting more. Some days I feel sad when I think about all that she will have to go through...but it comforts me to  see your pictures and realize how happy you are. Thank you for sharing!"  

Facebook/Yulianna Yussef


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