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A guy secretly filmed his mom, result is truly something precious
You have a great son to do this for you. I hope you find whatever you are looking for. Good luck.

Funny Illustrations by Comical Concept
You've probably already seen the famous ''Facebook version of you vs. Realistic version of you'' ...


You think this couple is dancing alone? Take a closer look and you'll see ALL eyes are on them!

What is that?

The work of Ukranian artist, Oleg Shuplyak, inspires you  to look  again and again and each time from a different angle or from another distance. His art comes with  many layers and possible interpretations - Oleg is a master of optical illusions.


Oleg's masterpieces can even make you question what you're actually seeing. Are those just leaves on the tree? Are you sure? Take another look.


How many faces do you see in this painting? Hint: There are more than three!


Take a closer look at this one: It looks like a rider on a white horse, but take a step back - can you see the old man?


How many bodies are in this painting?


The profile in this picture is really difficult to spot; the face is so cleverly masked!



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