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When he put the garage door in the family room, they all thought he'd gone mad. They were so wrong!

What to do with the old one?

Homeowners know the drill: Each piece of a house only has a certain lifespan before it needs to be replaced. Sooner or later, not matter the cost, you'll probably have to change out the doors and windows - and of course the roof. It's a pity to just throw all the old materials away. But when it was time for this man to replace his garage door, he came up with a better solution.

His old, heavy wooden garage door was going to be replaced by a lighter aluminum one. But this homeowner saw loads of potential in the solid piece of wood beneath a coat of white paint - he thought the possibilities were endless.


Before the wood could be polished, all the paint had to be scraped off. This is never an easy task, but it's a necessary step.


Next, the entire surface was lightly sanded to ensure the varnish would really soak in later.


Stable support braces were constructed and attached to the bottom of the garage door. This side was left untouched since no one would be able to see it once the project was complete.


Then, two huge legs were constructed out of solid wooden blocks. Flames were used to give the wood a weathered look to match the used wood from the door.


Finally the form is coming together... it looks like it's going to be a new table!


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