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A gigantic boil was growing behind her ear. Shortly before it exploded, she discovered this substance

Away with boils

Sebaceous  cysts
are abscesses located under the skin, which most commonly occur  behind the ears, on the neck or back. Cysts are generally harmless, but they  are unsightly  and can lead to discomfort  if they become infected.


Sometimes they go away by themselves, but many sufferers  pop them or get them surgically removed (ouch!). However,  there are actually much gentler methods that can alleviate these sometimes painful sores. Here you'll learn how you can make cysts  naturally and painlessly disappear or indeed prevent their occurrence in the first place.  



Keep the affected area clean

One simple measure to prevent cysts is good hygiene  for areas where you are prone to develop cysts, mainly behind the ears, back and neck. Make sure you select  skin care products that don't leave your skin too greasy. If a cyst has already developed, you should use antibacterial soap.


A strong immune system

A strong immune system helps enormously, preventing all sorts of minor ailments and infections. A healthy diet, regular exercise, and generally good hygiene all offer a solid defensive base.  


Placing a warm hot water bottle or heat pad  on  a cyst can reduce inflammation. The heat promotes blood flow and speeds up the healing process.


Tea-tree oil

Tea-tree oil is an excellent essential oil with anti-inflammatory properties  and will provide warmth at the same time. Simply rub the oil on the affected area twice daily and you should soon  notice an improvement. You can find  the oil in most drug stores or here


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