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Seven very good reasons for drinking more beer. No. 3 is really great!

Well then, cheers!

There is good news for beer lovers: Scientists have found seven health-promoting properties of beer. So  you can  raise your glass  with a clear conscience. Here's to that!

1. Beer can increase bone density

Various studies
have shown that beer has an increased silicon content. This helps to connect muscle and bone tissue to each other and increase bone density. Dark beer in particular, with its  high hop content,  contains silicon. So, moderate consumption of dark beer can certainly help prevent osteoporosis.


2. Beer can improve  cholesterol levels

have found that beer consumption contributes to increasing  the proportion of healthy HDL cholesterol in the body. Two beers a day can have a positive effect on cholesterol levels.

3. Beer can  reduce cardiovascular risks

According to Harvard University
, more than 100 studies have found an association between moderate beer consumption and reduced risk of heart attack  by 25 to 40 percent. So, if you want to do your heart some  good, treat yourself to  a nice, cold beer with dinner every now and then.


4. Beer can reduce the risk of diabetes

In comparative studies, a relationship between moderate alcohol consumption and a lower risk of type 2 diabetes was found. American researchers found that of those who drank 1-4 10 oz  beers  per day, the risk of getting  this disease was  lower.

5. Beer can prevent kidney stones

You wouldn't wish  kidney stones on your worst enemy. Fortunately, this study


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