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Six weeks after their three-year-old's death, her parents hold a piece of her again in their arms

A selfless family

Every Wednesday, three-year-old Olivia Svedberg of Nebraska goes to gymnastics. She also knows the movie "Frozen" almost by heart! She'd rather wear a princess dress than pants. The sassy little blonde is the pride and joy of her parents  Lauressa and Brock.


Unfortunately, no-one knew that a danger had been present in Olivia's skull since she was born.  When the doctors discovered it, the news was devastating: an inoperable tumor that  couldn't be fully eradicated, even with chemotherapy.  Her  parents had to make the most difficult decision of their lives.


Olivia,  called "Little O" by her parents, would continue to live as long as she was able. No radiation, and no medication to break her spirit. She would  not become a shadow of her true self simply to  live a few weeks longer. Olivia was to live the remaining  months of her life full of joy, happiness, and eternal memories.


Lauressa and Brock  did everything in their power to realize this:  they  celebrated princess parties for Olivia, took her  on vacation in the tropics, and she  even swam with dolphins!  This was her last happy memory.  Ten days later, the little girl succumbed to her illness.  But with her death, she saved three people's lives!


Lauressa and Brock  decided to donate Olivia's  organs to help save the lives of others.  As her case had been one where treatment would not have affected the outcome, her organs were not impacted by medicines, which meant they were in perfect shape to be transplanted to someone who needed them.

As it happened,  her liver took a quite incredible path! While Olivia was dying, a woman contacted her mother on Facebook  to tell her about two-year-old Lucas Goeller, who was the terminally ill.


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