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Take a banana peel and rub it in your face. You'll be amazed what happens to your skin.
An incredible cosmetic

Mom publishes a photo of her daughter in swimsuit. The police is alarmed about this trend
​It's a humid summer's day: At a public outdoor pool, a mother takes a photo of her daughter with ...


They put a sandbox in the three-year-old's room for his birthday. When they turn off the lights? WOW!

Sandbox 2.0

His son's third  birthday was rapidly approaching and this dedicated dad decided he wanted to give his son an extra special gift. So, he got his hands on some kinetic sand


Kinetic sand consists of really fine sand particles held together by a special material. This makes it possible to form the sand into shapes without having them fall apart.


But this dad didn't stop at a plastic box filled with sand, he custom built a frame on top of a sturdy play table.


Then he added a series of boards vertically behind the table, creating a stand: I hope this is all well balanced!


Next, he attached a projector onto the stand pointing directly into the wooden frame. At this point it's not clear  what exactly he has in mind.


Below the projector, he attached another technical feature: a Kinect motion sensor. Kinect is an Xbox 360 device that allows you to play games with your voice and body instead of a controller.


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