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A fateful encounter

While the story of the American couple Dave and Jane Daulton has a happy ending, it certainly began in tragedy. In 1984, they were the proud parents of five  kids and were expecting a sixth, Tommy.

Facebook/Jane Orcutt Daulton

But then they learned that their unborn son had Down syndrome. Dave and Jane knew they would have to roll with whatever came their way. Even though they knew life wouldn't always be easy with a special needs child, they couldn't wait to meet their son and knew they would love him the same as their other five  children.

Youtube/Fran Miranda

Then they got another shock, their 4-year-old son Brian needed a simple operation, but he had a serious allergic reaction to the anesthesia and fell into a coma. He died three  days later in the hospital. The entire family was completely devastated, but the parents knew they had to be there for their other kids.

Youtube/Fran Miranda

A few years passed and the family wounds slowly started to heal. All five  of their remaining children grew up and started heading away from home. Then came a transformational experience in 1990: Jane had the same dream three  nights in a row. She dreamed that a baby with Down syndrome desperately needed her help. She took it as a sign—the next day she and her husband called a local adoption agency.



They learned that a family had recently dropped out of the agency's upcoming adoption preparation course and that meant a space was free for that same evening. That is how the Daultons met Ben, a beautiful boy with Down syndrome and a heart defect. They immediately fell in love and set the adoption process in motion.


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