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Cancer patient shares important message for anyone who knows someone fighting this disease

Powerful words

Deborah is a 41-year-old mother from Italy suffering from colon cancer who shares her journey on her Magica Debby Facebook page. While she appreciates companies and people who try to support the fight against cancer, something in particular has been weighing on her mind. She takes to Facebook to get her message out:


"'Challenge accepted' is the phrase that these days is just everywhere, along with photos in black and white for a campaign of 'awareness' of  the fight against cancer. Personally, I do not understand the meaning of a picture in black and white, and even less, photos taken of bras and flat tummies, but I respect everyone's  motives. I don't want to make a fuss, but just expressing a thought, especially because I often get sent requests to participate in these challenges..."


"Cancer is not shades of grey. The grey is barren, dry, dead.

Cancer has many colors.

Because Cancer strikes anyone, it's scary, terrifying.

To raise people's awareness of the fight against cancer, is to ask them to think about what really is. To think about how they feel about the sick and their families.

It's doing prevention, being well informed, learning how to talk about it. Being sensitive to the fight against cancer, is imagining being without hair, with 10  extra pounds of weight because of cortisone and no strength to even go to the bathroom.

Being sensitive is wondering, 'What would it be like?'"


"Sensitivity is being there.

It's a silent smile, or offering some practical help.

We  cancer patients especially need to not feel alone, and sometimes it takes very little.

We all have the means and the intelligence for this...


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