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This girl killed with a crossbow and her father burst out laughing. Then he told her not to go out for half an hour. What happened next
First kill

A man wanted to make a video on how to clip a hamster's teeth, but
When he opened its mouth, he couldn't believe what came out!


More Up Close and Personal Animal Portraits

Danish photographer Morten Koldby doesn't take typical animal portraits. His ongoing series explores how animals' facial expressions often resemble those of humans. He's learned that their expressions run the gamut - while some animals look highly nervous, others seem surprisingly arrogant.

When asked what he hopes to accomplish with the series, Koldby simply stated, "I hope to make it possible for people to relate to these animals, and see the beauty in this part of nature."

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''Like he had no skin''

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Have a spare pool noodle?

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With a dislocated hip, the 2-year-old lay in the shopping cart. But when her mother entered the supermarket one day, she wept with joy
He watches her the whole day...