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Superhero Jewelry
This is a collection of Superhero Jewelry sold over at Etsy shop WhatsYourPassion. What's my ...

The elegant man simply takes the sign from the blind beggar and writes something else on it. Suddenly, people are much more generous.
On the street


Insane MS Paint Art

Jim is a MS Paint artist who draws anything people ask him to draw - no matter how specific or surreal are their demands. Here are few samples of his work.An anthropomorphised New York skyline battling a giant religiously fanatical prawn. Meanwhile the diamond falcon contemplates.

Predator eating udon with retractable wrist chopsticks.

Morrissey eating a horse.

Jimi Hendrix explaining to an owl on his shoulder what a stick of chalk is, near a forest.

Tyrannosaurus Rex playing Connect 4 with Heston Blumenthal on a lake of fire whilst a care bear watches them lustfully.

A guinea pig version of Burt Reynolds on a sun lounger being served drinks by Hulk Hogan wearing only the top half of a tuxedo.

Moby throwing ninja stars at a melancholic badger whilst eating a Papa John's Pizza in Lidl in Shrewsbury. Moby is wearing an Admiral England shirt, Bermuda shorts and 18-hole DMs. The badger is sat in Spielberg's directors chair and smoking a pipe.

Bill Murray catching a bank robber using only his charm while members of the Tokyo police force shield themselves behind him.

Stay Puft marshmallow man losing a game of mousetrap with Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall (who happens to be on fire) while Face from The A Team arrives on a pigeon dressed in leopard print Y-fronts and wedding veil, all this is taking place on the moon.

A bat in a leotard being distracted by a violin sticking out of a rainbow coloured bottle bank next to a three legged toffee crisp holding a mushroom and half a wasp. In the background is a turtle having a tennis lesson, and an upside down Taj Mahal covered in ears.

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