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She puts pizza dough in to party tray, the result is perfect for your next party
This has to be the most genius/brilliant/delicious thing we have ever seen!

Agonizing to watch: doctors keep tugging at something in his leg and it's not just a tiny splinter
A huge relief


Superhero Bookshelves By Turkish Artist Burak Doğan

Despite what you've been led to believe, you don't need a cape to be a superhero. Nor do you need superpowers (although they do come in useful). All you need is a superhero bookshelf, and Burak Doğan can help you with that. The industrial designer from Turkey has created these awesomely alternative bookshelves that will turn your boring living room into nothing short of a superhero lair.







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A man took these pictures from an airplane. What he saw is unbelievable.
This is something you almost never see.

The baby was touching his face in the ultrasound. Then the grandmother told her daughter she HAD to look at the screen
What the heck!?

The officers patrol the fairgrounds one last time. Watch what happens at 0:25, too funny
Uh-oh those summer nights

They're all choking on tears as the boy gives his sister one last gift. This didn't need to happen.
A haunting story

These 17 photos illustrate how you can lie with makeup. No. 8 is severe.
I'm speechless with amazement

10 Unforgettable Non-Human Video Game Companions
While it might be easy for players to identify the bonds that exist between two human characters in ...

What happens if you ate only potatoes for a year. But is it really a good idea?
The busier life gets, the harder it is to motivate ourselves to stay healthy. And even if we can ...

Six weeks after their three-year-old's death, her parents hold a piece of her again in their arms
A selfless family

Her son died and she had no time to mourn. Then a voice from the radio and everything changes
This voice makes her cry