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His father is dying on the court. So his opponent does something nobody expected. Incredible
What a moment...

To look like Red Skull this man has his nose removed. Now he looks like
His transformation is taking obsession a little too far in our opinion, but hey to each their own I ...


Top Thrill Dragster

Top Thrill Dragster is a steel accelerator roller coaster built by Intamin at Cedar Point in Sandusky, Ohio, United States. It was the sixteenth roller coaster built at the park since the Blue Streak in 1964. When built in 2003, it was the first full circuit roller coaster to exceed 400 feet (120 m) in height, and was the tallest roller coaster in the world, before being surpassed by Kingda Ka in May 2005.

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Boss watches security tape, but he can't believe what cashier did with a customer!
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How to live longer acording to Nobel Prize winning discovery
The ultimate guide to what to eat to beat heart disease, strokes, cancer and Alzheimer's.

The Cutest Little Kitten Turns into a Mini-Lion
The long-haired Persian (seen left) is now one and half years old and she's undergone a dramatic ...

This dog was shaking in fear until a black cat neared his cage. Slowly, the disturbed animal started to calm down.
Furry angel

Strange note on her car, but closer look at the note...
Brené Brown is a famous author and motivational figure. She's also happily married. Recently, she ...

She watched these chimps take their first tentative steps outside a cage. Will they remember her?
Life in a cage was all they had ever known

12 ways to use lip balm that you've definitely never thought of. No. 3 is my favorite.
Not just for your lips

A hospice worker approaches a dying woman as she sleeps and the camera captures something incredible
One final wish

These 36 black and white pictures were colorized. The result will leave you speechless, promised!
The past in color