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Dog lays sadly, but when you learn why he is? You can not hold your tears
3-year-old Leonardo Valdes from Concepción, Chile was walking with his dog, Doki, when he got run ...

Neighbors think it's a birdhouse but you'll smile when you see what is put inside it daily!
I love this idea!


25 Incredible Quotes Designed To Stimulate Your Brain

We've looked high and low around the interwebs to bring you these 45 quotes, designed to light that creative spark and give that added smack of inspiration – because we all need a bit of a lift occasionally don't we?I Hope you enjoy them, let me know which ones stand out the most for you by leaving a comment below!

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Should you tape over your webcam?
So, who else puts tape over their laptop’s webcam?

Tattooed senior citizens finally answer this question : What will it look like when I'm older?

Before and After Plastic Surgery
There are more and more people in the world, who think, that they need help of a plastic surgeon. ...

This woman knocks on the shark tank glass. At 0:15 she learns a hard lesson
Don't touch!

With these six easy tricks you won't have to shave as often. I'll definitely remember them!

A truck crushes the head of the girl. A minute later, a stranger grabs her
Fireworks and blood

You've been sitting on the toilet incorrectly your whole life. Here's how to do it right.
Who would have thought?

Funny Illustrations by Comical Concept
You've probably already seen the famous ''Facebook version of you vs. Realistic version of you'' ...

The baby was touching his face in the ultrasound. Then the grandmother told her daughter she HAD to look at the screen
What the heck!?