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5 year old but she's a hero!
A 5-year-old girl rushed to save her drowning mother after she suffered a seizure in the pool and ...

The doctor told her that her baby daughter was stillborn. Fifty years later she gets a fateful call
An emotional reunion


11 Perfectly-Timed Animal Photos

Achieving a perfectly-timed picture is tricky stuff, because it doesn't usually happen on purpose. But when these photos are done right, the result is Web already know animals partake in entertaining shenanigans, but capturing it at the right moment doesn't usually happen. Well guess what– we've found those select few pictures that were shot at juuust the right second, exposing the hilarity of our fellow animal what we mean below!

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No, that's not butt. But look closer and LOL! What a video!
The best medicine

When his grandma came back to the fitting room, his lifeless body was being carried out. She couldn't believe what had happened
Horrible accident

The five-year-old boy stared wide-eyed at the naked woman and blurted out something priceless
Where do they come up with these things?

Policeman freed a dog from a fence, but how the dog would react?
​Police Officer Nick Sheppard would agree that his 'normal' day is always full of surprises.

He nearly puked when he saw what his daughter did. He never expected THIS
Is he man enough?

She may look like a princess, but she sounds nothing like one
Wait, how old?

If you get enough of this vitamin every day, you won't get bitten by mosquitos this year.
Every day

The man pushes on cats to make music ..simply amazing!
A man has created the first ever 'cat organ' to play music.

A kayaker's magical encounter with this sea creature had me glued to the screen
Once in a lifetime!