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Why farting is healthy!
There are few topics that people find more uncomfortable to talk about than farting.

The baby sobs until it can't cry anymore and the reason why its parents don't run to it will leave you pondering
What do you think?


Seven Illustrated Lessons We Can All Learn From a Dog

According to this series of illustrations by artist Patrick Moberg, life would be much easier if we all took a few quick notes from the behavior of a dog. The artist says, &tt&My family never had a dog when I was younger, so I don't know a whole lot about them, but recently there's been a couple running around the office I work out of. Here's a couple things I've picked up on.&tt&br/Lessons from a Dog is a collection of colorful illustrations that are paired with simple phrases like &tt&Forgive friends who don't have time to play,&tt& and &tt&When someone kindly prepares food for you, devour it smiling like it's the best meal you've ever eaten.&tt&

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Hyper Realistic Paintings by Simon Hennessey
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